Welcome to my Sims 4 story blog.

Yes, I know. I’ve already tried this, over a decade ago, when The Sims 3 was first released and I got caught up in the hype. I remember being super into Tom & Annabelle, in my (very biased) opinion, the best Sims story out there. I remember wanting to do that myself, only to half-ass it, mess it up, retry from scratch a few times and then giving up.

But this time will be different. Or will it? Only time can tell.

One of my issues has always been knowing what to write about and from which perspective. In the Sims 3, I enjoy playing one particular Sim, Isaac Lydocia, a scientist who has very specific interests and life goals set out for him. But he also has a family, with their own stories. So do I write from the third person perspective, telling the story of the family? Or do I write from the view of Isaac telling the story?

This time around, I’ll just do both. Under “The Lydocia Family”, I will write from a narrative point of view, telling the story of a normal family in a normal neighbourhood, nothing special to see. Just a loving family, raising their children. Under “Isaac Lydocia”, I will cover the research of this (at first child wannabe) scientist, discovering the supernatural, his struggles with wanting to release this information to the public and becoming the most famous scientist in the world, but simultaneously wanting to protect the supernatural world by keeping its secrets.

I’m toying with a Paparazzi perspective as well, where I would write sensational clickbait articles about the (sometimes inspirational, sometimes outrageous) things my fame-thirsty Sims have done. Not sure on that one yet, depending on where the story takes us.

I feel like I’ve written more in this meta post than I’ve ever written and produced in any of the previous Sims blogs, so let’s wrap it up here and move onto… Loving Lydocias.

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